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Reviewing the Laws

William A. Percy III - 504-339-3977

Will has practiced civil law extensively in both state and federal courts.

Will graduated from Tulane Law School in 1981 and has been admitted in state and federal courts in both Louisiana and Georgia.

Among his fields of practice are civil rights litigation, personal injury, commercial and business, and class actions. He has participated in several class actions including Katrina/Corps of Engineers, FEMA Formaldehyde Trailers, Chinese Drywall, Deepwater Horizon, and numerous pharmaceutical and product liability class actions.


Disability Law

If you have a benefits package with your job that provides you with a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy (LTD), we can assist you with policy payouts if you become unable to work due to an illness or accident.  Most LTD policies provide coverage even if the illness or accident does not happen at your job site.  Your case will start with a free consultation and policy review to determine the amount and length of benefits that your policy offers.  If coverage has been denied, an administrative appeal follows, then suit must be filed in federal court.  Insurance companies are the "masters of delay" so it is important to act fast to file your claim and appeal a claim denial.  You will never pay anything until you win, and our staggered contingency fee plans are a win-win for you!  

Successions and Estate Planning

We are dedicated to assisting aging persons who are in need of guidance with drafting a will, estate planning; guardianships, and health care directives.    Also, when you are a loved one feel overwhelmed, we can help you to determine your best options when it comes to health care directives; powers of attorney; conservatorships; Medicaid and Medicare so that you can embrace the future with confidence and ease.  If you believe that you have been mistreated by a health care provider, call us...we can help.

Consumer Cases

If you have a consumer issue regarding the purchase of a vehicle or in dealing with a business entity you are in dispute with, please call our office and we will be happy to review your case to determine if legal action is the best recourse for you.  There are many ways that we can help you before you jump into a lawsuit, such as making phone calls or writing letters on your behalf.  If legal recourse is needed, we will put forth our best effort to make sure you receive the results you deserve. 

Real Estate & Property Disputes

A number of disputes can arise out of property ownership. We handle such disputes, including leases, ownership, and liens.

Drafting & Reviewing Contracts

We have substantial experience in drafting and reviewing contracts involving a large variety of personal, commercial, and corporate matters.

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