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When faced with legal cases, especially a divorce or child custody, the last thing you need is more stress. To help ease your mind, family law attorney Susan Culpepper offers compassionate and competent legal expertise at the best cost savings to you. This includes unbundled and reasonable flat rate fees, which are available for most cases. As your lawyer, she focuses on your best interests and helps you to understand how the legal process works so that you are prepared when tough choices have to be made in your child custody or divorce case. Susan's accessibility works to reduce your stress through ongoing communication, goal setting, and a solid case strategy to maximize your time, money and your child's well-being.



Legal matters involving children require an extra layer of sensitivity and attention so that you and your child's best interest are put first.   We will take the time to review every determining factor with you so that you are confident and comfortable when deciding to settle the case or move forward with a court hearing  


We offer competence, compassion and experience when working with couples going through divorce or seeking custody and visitation rights. We listen carefully to your story and work diligently to achieve your intentions in the most practical and cost-effective ways possible. 


We understand that finding an attorney who pays attention to your financial and emotional struggles when you are going through a divorce is important. We provide prompt attention and legal action to prevent you from running up costly legal bills and having your case dragged out when it could otherwise be promptly resolved.  

Susan Culpepper, Attorney at Law

Susan is an empathetic and caring family law attorney working with divorce and child custody clients in Gulfport, MS and throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She has carefully designed her practice to offer a stress free experience while helping you determine the best path to achieve your goals and move forward with your life. Skilled in divorce, child custody and visitation cases, Susan advocates for your rights and the best interests of your family, in and out of the courtroom.

Susan graduated from LSU Law School in 1991. She is licensed to practice in Mississippi, Louisiana, and New York. 

As your family law attorney, Susan tries to be available at times that are most convenient for you. To accommodate your schedule, she offers free virtual, telephone or in-person consultations. Susan provides reasonable flat rates and sliding scale fee structures, including unbundled legal services. These flexible fees provide you with more options for succeeding with your legal case.  You will feel more confident knowing how much your case will cost from the outset and what services you can expect to receive, without worrying about being billed for each phone call, email, or text message during your divorce or child custody case.



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